About Us


History ?

Incorporated in June 2010 as a partnership Company between Sudanese Petroleum Pipeline Holding Co. and Wellbet Co.Ltd whom are both well known in Sudan Petroleum Industry. Based in Red Sea State conduct bunkering supplies at Port Sudan Harbors and its Red Sea Territory areas .
CORAL Bunkering & Services Co. Ltd. have a storage capacity of 22,000 MT at Port Sudan and oil tanker vessel with DWT 1818 MT for off shore bunkering operations (another one supply boat will join the fleet soon) beside road tankers/ jetty supplies.
CORAL Bunkering & Services Co. Ltd. is the only authorized licensed company to conduct bunkering supplies at Port Sudan Harbors and its Red Sea Territory areas .
CORAL Bunkering & Services Co. Ltd. supply IFO, MGO, lubricants, fresh water and providing the services of ships’ waste disposal.
The company well managed by experienced personnel for more than 20 years’ experience at multinational companies specialized at Marine & Aviation petroleum supplies business, together with a strong competent workforce.




Business Module


With access to petroleum products and commodities markets, CORAL originates physical transactions that support its customers’ businesses and help maintain the global balance between areas of excess and areas of need. Complementing this with its strong partners’ network creates both a global perspective and local insight into real time services leading to the optimization of supply-chain dynamics. From its Port Sudan based workplace , CORAL provides everything that its business needs, hence, offers customers individually tailored solutions for petroleum products and commodities supply management through a professionally structured team with sales strength to ensure the successful implementation of transactions.



Strategic Partnership provides CORAL with visionary leadership that shapes the culture and practices of all stakeholders, capable to undertake responsibilities which require strategic thinking and the power of reasoning to develop businesses, maximize resources and manage change. Mainly of the IMO 2020 Regulations enforcing fuel oil standard to have 0.5 % sulphur content beginning of 1st January 2020.



CORAL Team is comprised primarily of expertise with international relations & management background having extensive commercial experience including marketing and economic analysis. Undertaking the interrelations between the technical and economic aspects of the oil and gas and the commodities sectors, and has served a broad spectrum of clients. They have worked together for a long time and have analyzed many facets of the business including:

  • Regional and worldwide