Our Products

  • VLSFO – 0.5% maximum sulphur Fuel Oil
  • IFO 380 – Intermediate Fuel Oil
  • MGO – Marine Gas Oil (DMA)
  • MDO – Marine Diesel Oil (DMC)
  • Supply international recognized brand of Marine Lubricants in different grades.
  • Supply Fresh Water

Privileges to be supplied from Port Sudan

  • Protected anchorage areas.
  • Offshore supply all through the year.
  • Short notice delivery orders.
  • Ensure high quality products
  • Deliver the exact ordered quantity ( Deliver what we promise).

Marine Gasoil (DMA):

Demand in the shipping sector is expected to boost overall gasoil demand as the International Maritime Organization’s MARPOL Annex VI regulations on sulfur content in bunker fuel is introduced by 2020. This significantly reduce bunker demand for high sulfur fuel and raise demand for low sulfur marine gasoil either as a direct product or blended into 0.5% sulfur fuel oil. Apparently CORAL is engaged in the supply of 500 ppm.

Fuel Oil:

The global fuel oil market is likely to grow considerably in the coming years due to improved fuel quality with a view to reducing environmental pollution and sea contamination in addition to soaring demand for bunker fuels from all parts of the world. Titled by fuel grade (IFO 380 and IFO 180) for end-users, market reports reveal that it is likely to gain attraction in the coming years despite the growing concern regarding the magnitude of the challenge ahead for shipping industry describing the implementation of the sulphur cap by January 2020. As some 10% of fuel oil produced is used to power large ships. A further 15% is used for heating and the remainder is used by refineries as feedstock for further upgrading.
CORAL adds value for its fuel oil customers in numerous ways, such as deploying in-house blending capabilities to ensure it meets the requirements of fleet owners. IT also uses expertise and market reach to help sellers optimize the value of their consumptions. Understanding We understand that every market is different and that our customers and their requirements are as diverse as the world.